17th Cambridge Chest Meeting – provisional programme

Wednesday, 2nd April 2025

10:00 Registration

12:30 Lunch

Session one: Interstitial Lung Diseases I

1:30 Unclassifiable ILD: a radiologist’s viewpoint
2:00 Classification of ILD – down the microscope
2:30 “All ILD is classifiable”: Discuss

Session two: Interstitial Lung Disease II

3:30 ILA or ILD – A clinician’s conundrum
4:00 Early treatment for ILD – hope or hype?
4:30 Progressive pulmonary fibrosis – challenges for the radiologist

5:00 Keynote lecture: Lung Cancer – Early detection vs. late disease: future treatment paradigms (Professor Sam Janes)

6:30 Tour – Cambridge Highlights followed by Reception and Dinner

Thursday, 3rd April 2025

Session one: Mesothelioma

8:30 SACT for mesothelioma – peering into the distance
9:00 Trials of intervention in mesothelioma
9:30 Surgery for mesothelioma: hopeful or hopeless?

Session two: Screening for Lung Cancer

10:30 Revised BTS Nodule Guidelines – a sneak peak
11:00 Screening for lung cancer: an opportunity or a headache for radiologists?
11:30 Missed cases and errors in screening


1.00pm Debate: “This house proposes that lung biopsy by radiologists is past its sell-by date” (Moderate: Dr Arjun Nair)

Session three: Respiratory Physiology

2:30 Lung physiology for the unitiated
3:00 Exercise testing: preparing for surgery
3:30 Optimising acute non-invasive ventilation

Keynote lecture: Lessons from a Pandemic (Professor Wei Shen Lim)

7:00 Organ recital in King’s College Chapel (TBC) followed by gala dinner

Friday, 4th April 2025

Session one: Airways Disease and Infection

8:30 Bronchiectasis: an adopted orphan?
9:00 Primary ciliary dyskinesia – a revisit
9:30 Long Covid

Session two: Artificial Intelligence

10:30 TBC
11:00 Assessing AI in imaging: rules, regulation and evidence
11:30 Robotics in thoracic surgery: A new dawn!

Close of meeting